Services for candidates

A recruitment project can only be successful if the right people come together at the right time. This is why our day-to-day work is focused on maintaining our network of relationships, putting you first. As part of the services we provide to candidates, the following points are important for you to consider:

Whether you are a young professional with early work experience or in a senior management role, we are your career advisor. Due to our existing specialisation, our services are targeted at clients from industry, financial services/insurance, consulting/advisory and law firms with experience in commercial and legal roles.

In our role as recruitment consultants, we see ourselves as your long-term and reliable partner. As specialized consultants, you can rely on us to have a thorough understanding of your needs.

Maintaining confidentiality, particularly with regard to your personal information, when working with you is at the core of our self-concept. Additionally, our services are free to you as a candidate.

The starting point for our collaboration is usually a vacant position. In an interview, we will find out more about your professional background and personality, and assess whether this matches the required profile.

In addition to the job description, we will give you an overview of the organisation and culture of the potential employer and the opportunities that the vacancy offers. We will decide together whether the role is a useful step in the development of your professional career.

If this is not the case, we will identify alternative possible career paths and professional fields that match your goals and strengths. The same applies if you contact us proactively, i.e. independently of any vacancy we may have to fill.

Your CV is the key document in any recruitment process and gives a first impression of your qualifications and personality. With this in mind, we will analyse your application documents and make suggestions for improvement.

During the recruitment process, we will be presenting you primarily through your CV. It is therefore essential to prepare informative documents that leave as little room as possible for questions and doubts about your suitability for the vacant position.

A template to help you design your CV can be downloaded here.

During the application process, we will prepare you for the interviews. Giving you the best possible support at this stage of the application process will help you to impress the client during the interview.

It goes without saying that we will give you open and honest feedback during the application process. In the event of contract negotiations, we will assist and advise you in agreeing the terms of the contract.

If your application for a specific role has not been successful or we currently do not have a vacancy, there are two options that are open to you: We can either act as a “door opener“ and proactively contact our clients‘ decision-makers when this makes sense.

Or, of course, we can stay in touch with you by continually matching your profile with our existing portfolio of vacancies and discussing opportunities with you.

In this case, it is important for us to be kept informed of the current status of your professional situation.

Unsolicited application

Not interested in any of our current vacancies? Too bad. But that could soon change. That is why we are looking forward to receiving your unsolicited application. Please include a meaningful CV with your application. You can download a sample CV here.